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About us

File13 is more than a simple store...

Support their future

File13 is a family business that aims to teach our children entrepreneurship. They learn how well it is possible to apply the values of honesty, respect and integrity in the organization of an eco-responsible business.

Unique Style

File13 fashion items are unique! They will get you those WOWs and allow you to influence the gallery.

Protect our Planet

By purchasing Filière13, you not only make a statement of style but you also show out to the world your ecological awareness !

Our Stroy

In search of a family learning activity, we launched File13. This entrepreneurial success allows us to teach our children that values, such as the feeling of accomplishment and perseverance can be at the core of an honest, responsible and effective business. All members of the family are involved at all times in the process behind File13’s activities; from brainstorming, to design, to commercial agreements, ethical decision making, production, marketing, distribution and essentially customer service. File13 specializes in the design and distribution of fashion articles made of wood. Although we EXCEL in the production of wooden sunglasses, you will find on our site other articles such as wooden watches with unique design as well as other articles that will complement your exclusive personality! Check out our e-boutique to enjoy exceptional offers. Be yourself, be proud! Be File13


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